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The study of bananas on stamps ...

The study of bananas on stamps is full of surprises. It can take us around the world from the Congolese port of Banana (fig. 39) to Banana River Naval Air Station in Florida (fig. 40), to the 43 foot long "Big Banana" in Coffs Harbour, Australia (fig. 41). It can take us from the era of silent film to modern animations and "Bananas in Pajamas." But the banana is not just for jokers. The usage of the phrase "Top Banana" has expanded from its Vaudevillian roots to include individuals with real power and importance. Governments have fallen over bananas. Recognizing the importance of this fruit, scientists are scrambling to save bananas and the people who are dependent upon them for food and employment from the ravages of disease. All of these aspects of this subject can be traced on stamps from around the world when philately goes bananas.

Banana Congo Postmark

Banana River N.A.S. Postmark

Giant Banana Coffs Harbour Big Things Commemorative

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