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Seth Arjun Das Goenka Haveli Museum

Seth Arjun Das Goenka Haveli Museum

The Shekawati Region is famous for the elaborately painted Havelis constructed in their home towns by wealthy merchants who created these monuments to their prosperity. The Seth Arjun Das Goenka Haveli was constructed in the Shekawati style using bricks, clay and lime over a period of ten years beginning in 1870. The museum is notable for its paintings as well as its depiction of life in a merchant household in an earlier time.

Haveli Entrance Door

Haveli Frescoe

Haveli Frescoe


The museum depicts many aspects of life in the household of a wealthy businessman including a meeting conducted under a fan powered by a servant, the work of kitchen servants and an ox cart used for transportation.


business meeting

kitchen workers

ox cart

Satyanarayan Temple

Built in 1911 with the patronage of the wealthy Goenka family, the Satyanarayan Temple is a Hindu place of worship located next to the Seth Arjun Das Goenka Haveli.

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