Brian Moore

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on August 25, 1921, novelist and screenwriter Brian Moore came to Canada in 1948 and retained Canadian citizenship even after taking up residence in the United States. Rejecting his father's Irish nationalist sympathies and the religious prejudices which infected his homeland, Moore resisted labels moving from his Northern Irish birth to Canadian citizenship to resisidency in California where he died in 1999. He communicated compassion for characters coping with situations beyond their control; Hallvard Dahlie observes, "In Moore's view, no sociological or ideological imposition can essentially alter the major facts of existence: that the individual is confronted by a complex and unpredictable set of circumstances, and that somehow he must respond to this situation." In this sense, the Belfast spinster, the aging war criminal, a young assistant professor of history from McGill University in Montreal who is visiting California and the missionary in New France are all similar. Commenting on the wide variety of themes explored in Moore's fiction, Paul Gray writes, "Each new Moore novel was, well, new and novel." The ambiguities of human existence are captured rather than resolved in Moore's fiction.

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Brian Moore's Novels:

The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne (1956)
The Feast of Lupercal (1957)
The Luck of Ginger Coffey (1960)
An Answer from Limbo (1962)
The Emperor of Ice-Cream (1965)
I am Mary Dunne (1968)
Fergus (1970)
The Revolution Script (1971)
Catholics (1972)
The Great Victorian Collection (1975)
The Doctor's Wife (1976)
Cold Heaven (1983)
Black Robe (1985)
Lies of Silence (1990)
The Mangan Inheritance (1995)
The Temptation of Eileen Hughes (1995)
The Statement (1996)
The Colour of Blood (1996)
The Magician's Wife (1998)


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