Caribbean Princess March 2010

Roseau, Dominica
March 16th, 2010

Caribbean Princess in Dominica

On two previous visits to Dominica with Carnival Cruise Lines our ships had docked at the pier in downtown Roseau. The Caribbean Princess docked at a wharf just north of town. There was a large cargo shed full of market stalls near the wharf.

Champagne Springs

It was easy to hire a taxi at the dock to take us south, through the town to Champagne Beach. We arranged for the same taxi to pick us up after a couple of hours of snorkeling to take us back to the ship.

Fish in Dominica

It was a fifteen or twenty minute walk into town. The walk from this end did not have as many colorful chattel houses as we had found walking south along the coast from downtown on earlier visits. However, after a morning of snorkeling, it was interesting to get a sense of the real life of kids going to and from school and workers and business people on their way to and from town. The exercise provided the perfect excuse for a stop in town to enjoy a local beverage.

Kubuli Lager

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