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Be a Journalist in Medieval Scotland

1. List ten newsworthy events from the parts of Macbeth you have been assigned to read.

2. Select three events you would choose to cover as front page stories for The Dunsinaine Sun (a tabloid newspaper). Write appropriate headlines for each story.

3. Select three events you would choose to cover as front page stories for The Birnim Wood Citizen (a "hard news" newspaper).

4. Write one of these stories (250 words minimum) answering the questions who, what, when, where, why and how - using the style, diction and content appropriate to the newspaper for which you have chosen to write.

5. Read your story to the class next period and then hand in a neatly written copy.

Essay Assignment

Topics Pro and Con
Macbeth: A Good King?
Macbeth: A Good Warrior?
Lady Macbeth: A Good Wife?
Duncan: A Good King?
Banquo: A Wise Man?
The Ending: Happy or Sad?
Macbeth: Insane?
Macduff: Wise or Foolish?
The Witches: Believe Them or Not?
Malcolm: The Man Who Should Be King?
Macbeth: A Man Without a Heart?
Women in Macbeth: The Root of All Evil?
Macbeth: Does Life Have Any Meaning?
Macbeth: A Scottish Saddam Hussein?

Assignment: You and a partner will each write an essay (350 words minimum) using the five paragraph structure given to you previously. Each supporting paragraph must contain at least two specific references to the play with specific act, scene and line numbers provided in parentheses. Quotations of more than two lines should be blocked and single spaced. The remainder of the essay should be double spaced and include a title page done on blank paper. You must also include a bibliography.

A wide variety of reference audio visual resources and reference works relating to Macbeth are available from Click on the title for information on ordering a specific work or click on the logo to do your own search:

Macbeth (DVD) by Roman Polanski (Director).

Macbeth (VHS) by Roman Polanski (Director).

Macbeth (VHS) by Orson Welles (Director)

Macbeth (VHS) with McKellen, Dench and the Royal Shakespeare Company

Macbeth (Audio CD) by Naxos AudioBooks

The Making of the Cauldron : An Analysis of Witch and Witchcraft Power in MacBeth (Stanford Honor Essays in Humanities, No 37) by William J. Nevenfledt

The Tragedy of MacBeth : With Connections from Hrw Classics Library

Macbeth : A Unit Plan (CD-ROM) by Mary B. Collins

MacBeth (Global Shakespeare Series) by by D. Saliani

Witches and Jesuits : Shakespeare's MacBeth by Garry Wills

MacBeth : Teacher's Book (The Graphic Shakespeare Series) by Hilary Burningham, Dan May (Illustrator)

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