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1976-1980 Definitives

Defintive Designs of 1976-1980

The three basic designs of Bahrain's 1976-1980 definitive series were the national flag (on the four low values), a map of the country (on the eight intermediate values) and a portrait of Sahikh Isa bin Sulman al Khalifa (on the six high values). Scott notes that there is a larger bottom imprint on a later printing of the 100 and 200 fils values (and possibly others).

200 fil definitive imprint varieties

Hugh Jeffries notes that several of the high values were printed on both glazed and unglazed paper as well as perf 13.5 x 14 rather than the more common perf 12 x 12.5. He notes that 400 fil value exists with a cream rather than the original pale pink background. Similarly, there is a one dinar value with a cream rather than sepia background pictured below. Jeffries questions whether the changes might have been the result of a transfer in stamp production from De La Rue to a local printer in Bahrain.

1 dinar varieties


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