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Railway Issues

Parcel Post Stamp

Between 1904 and 1920 the Bavarian State Railways issued at least 52 different stamps to prepay shipping charges for carrying small parcels by rail. The inscription Kgl. Bayer. Staatseisenb. is an abbreviation of Koenigliche Bayerische Staatseisenbahngesllschaft or Royal Bavarian State Railway Company. Because they were not issued by the post office, they are not listed in many standard catalogues.

E Overprinted Official Issue

Bavarian Coat of Arms definitive of 1888-1900 overprinted in 1908
for official use by Railway officials (two of five denominations).

''Perfin E Railway Official Issue

Bavarian Prince Regent Luitpold 90th birthday issue of
1911 with E perfin for official use by Railway officials.

The ''E'' stands for ''Eisenbahn" or ''Railway.''


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