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Saribo Album Advertising Label

Saribo Album Advertising Label

Postal officials have often offered advertising as a method of raising revenue. Stamp booklet covers, and, in this case, the labels used as space fillers on some booklet panes, provide space that can be sold to advertisers. The "New Issues Department" of Gibbons Stamp Monthly for May of 1936 (Vol. 10 Iss. 8) features "The 10 c. and 25 c. "State Seal" stamps with booklet labels attached advertising Belgian Stamp Albums and a Stamp Catalogue." At a price of nine pence the listing offers "a block of 4 comprising two 10 c. stamps attached to two labels (one in French, the other in Flemish) advertising the "Saribo" Album; and a pair comprising one 25 c. stamp plus one label advertising the National Catalogue of Belgian and Belgian Congo stamps." The slogan on the label advertising the stamp album says, "Aux Philatelistes L' Album Saribo s'impose" ("The Saribo Album is a must for Philatelists").

New Issues Department Listing
Listing from the Gibbons Stamp Monthly "New Issues Department" of May 1936


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