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British East Africa

British East Africa Company Light and Liberty Definitive"

Light and Liberty Definitive
The motto "Light and Liberty" on the British East Africa Company's definitive of 1890-
1894 reflects the company's belief in its role as the bearer of "the white man's burden."

Having secured concessions from the Sultan of Zanzibar on the east coast of Africa from Wanga to Kipini and having reached an agreement with German Empire defining their areas of interest in East Africa, in 1888 Britain granted a charter to the Imperial British East Africa Company under William Mckinnon to administer and develop the region. The company issued its first stamps on May 23, 1890. Its issues were replaced with those of the East Africa Protectorate on July 1, 1895.

Queen Victoria and British Lion Definitive
From 1896 - 1903 the stamps of the East Africa Protectorate
featured Queen Victoria and the British Lion.


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