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Cayman Islands
Omnibus Issue for the Coronation of King George VI on Registered Cover
from George Town, Cayman Islands to London England

First Day Cover
First Day Cover for the King George VI Omnibus Issue for the
Cayman Islands on C.E. Johnston and Company Stationery.

Although the Cayman Islands had their first stamps issued in 1900, they were a dependency of Jamaica until Jamaican independence in 1962 when they became a British Crown Colony. The close link between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands is evidenced by the "C.E. Johnston and Company / Kingston, Jamaica" return address on this cover postmarked May 13, 1937 in George Town, Cayman Islands. No cachet or inscription confirms that this registered cover to London, England was purposefully sent on the first day of issue of the Coronation stamps picturing King George VI and Queen Elizabeth but it seems likely that that is the case.

While conducting its shipping and merchandising business the agents of C.E. Johnston and Company would have been in a good position to accommodate requests for such covers. The destination address, 2 Cockspur Street, within a block of Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square, current site of Canada House, suggests the recipient may have had commercial, political or diplomatic connections.

Charles Edward Johnston article from the Jamaica Gleaner

The Cayman Islands


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