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Central Lithuania
Pictorial Issues of 1921

Lithuanian Pictorials of 1921

Lithuania gained its independence after World War I and took advantage of the conflict between Poland and Russia to take back some areas that had been seized by Poland. This same territory was re-occupied by the Poles under General Zeligowski and these Central Lithuanian stamps (inscribed POCZTA) were issued for use in that territory.

General Zeligowski himself was the subject of two of the stamps issued for Central Lithuania. The pictorial set issued in 1921 depicts a variety of images of historic and patriotic significance: St. Anne's Church, Vilnius, St. Stanislas Cathedral, Vilnius, a White Eagle and White Knight Vytis, Queen Hedwig (Jadwiga) and King Ladislas II Jagello (Władysław II Jagiełło), the Coat of Arms of Vilnius, Poczobut Astronomical Observatory, the Union of Lithuania and Poland and Portraits of Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Adam Mickiewicz.

Subsequently the territory became part of Poland before being restored to Lithuania during World War II.

1938 News Article about Lithuania


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