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Local Post Stamp
This local post issue depicts the "Golden Island" lying
off Chinkiang, with the Pagoda-shaped landmark upon it.

The June 1894 issue of Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal provided the following information to its readers:

Chinkiang.--We learn from Whitakers Almanack that there are twenty Treaty Ports in China, and three in Corea, and it seems not improbable that, inspired by the financial success achieved by Shanghai, each one of these will start an issue of stamps on its own account, and that the Chinese Locals will rival in number those of Russia. We have received a photograph of the design adopted by Chinkiang (not to be confused with Chungking), which represents the "Golden Island" lying off that port, with the Pagoda-shaped landmark upon it, within a circular band inscribed with the name above and "postal service" below, the two parts of the inscription being separated at each side by a tablet bearing a numeral; this is enclosed in a rectangle, with the value in words in a scroll at the bottom, and a Chinese inscription at the top. The series, which is to be ready for issue on July 1st, is as follows:

1/2c., red.
1 c., blue.
2 c., brown.
4 c., green.
5 c., orange.
6 c.,yellow.
10 c., mauve.

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Location of Zhenjiang (Chinjiang)


"New Issues and Varieties." Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal. 30 Jun. 1894: 235. Print.



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