Raemaekers' Zeppelin Triumph Propaganda Label

Zeppelin Triumph Propaganda Label

This propaganda label was issued in Britain during World War I when the Germans were using Zeppelins to bomb British cities. The ironic title "The Zeppelin Triumph" precedes a picture of a grieving father and daughter embracing with the daughter being quoted in the caption as complaining, "But mother had done nothing wrong, had she Daddy."

The stamp's designer, Louis Raemaekers (1869-1956) was a Dutch painter and a cartoonist for the Amsterdam Telegraaf during World War I. His cartoons portraying the German occupiers of Belgium as barbarians and Kaiser Wilhelm II as an ally of Satan prompted the German government to place a bounty on his head. He fled to England where his work was published in The Times and in a book entitled Raemaekers Cartoon History of the War.


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