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Gold Coast

First Scheduled Air Mail Service Between Gold Coast and Nigeria

First Flight Cover Air Service Gold Coast and Nigeria
The first flight cover commemorating the first regular airmail service between Ghana and
Nigeria is franked with the George VI coronation set which was issued on May 12, 1937.
The schedule from which the route diagram was taken was effective from November 1937.

In 1937 a regular airmail service between Gold Coast and Nigeria was initiated. The Elder Colonial Airways flight from Accra to Lagos connected with the Imperial Airways Service via Khartoum to Alexandria and eventually to London. The return flight from London to Accra would have cost 198 pounds. A flight leaving Accra on Monday morning would arrive in Khartoum on Wednesday afternoon. Leaving Khartoum on Thursday morning, a traveller would arrive in Southampton mid-day on Sunday.

Air Mail Route from Accra to London
Air Mail Route from Accra to London


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