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Mayan Stele at Quirigua

Mayan Stele at Quirigua
"Mayan Stele at Quirigua" issue of April 8, 1932

Photograph of Mayan Stele at Quirigua circa 1910
Photograph of Mayan Stele at Quirigua circa 1910 as the jungle is being cleared
in conjunction with the creation of a United Fruit Company banana plantation.

In 1910 the United Fruit Company established a banana plantation on lands surrounding the overgrown ruins of Quiriguá and set aside 75 acres as an archaeological park where work was carried out from 1910 to 1914 by Edgar Lee Hewett and Sylvanus Morley for the School of American Archaeology in Santa Fe. The Mayan stelae uncovered amongst the ruins have been featured on Guatemalan stamps issued on September 1, 1921, April 8, 1932 (pictured above), in 1942 (the design of 1932 in green and deep blue) and on January 30, 2004 on a souvenir sheet depicting tourist attractions of Izabal Department.

Mayan Stele at Quirigua as depicted on a 2004 souvenir sheet, the high
value, from a set depicting tourist attractions of Izabal Department

Post Card depicting the United Fruit Company ship Quirigua


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