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Censored Cover (1943)

Front View of Censored Cover
Airmail cover opened by censor from an address at Angle des Rues Courbe et Macajoux
in Port-au-Prince to an unknown address (similar to covers seen to U.S. destinations).

Detail from Stamp
Detail from the 60 centime airmail stamp of 1938 showing
what appears to be a Fokker or a Ford Trimotor aircraft.

Although Haiti declared war on Japan, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, only Romania declared war on Haiti. This reflects Haiti's limited engagement in the war effort consisting of food supplies provided to Allied nations, hosting a detachment of the United States Coast Guard and seconding five Haitians from the Haitian Air Force to the U.S.A.A.F. where they saw action. Although the United States invited Haiti to coordinate efforts at postal censorship, Haitian officials did not participate. It appears that postal censorship was amongst several unpopular emergency measures intoduced during the war by President Elie Lescot, which critics claimed were designed to increase his power. Despite these measures, he was deposed the year after the war ended.

The airmail cover pictured above from an address at Angle des Rues Courbe et Macajoux in Port-au-Prince to an unknown address was opened by censors. It is franked with 60 centime airmail stamp issued in 1938. The stamp depicts what appears to be a Fokker Tri-Motor or a Ford Tri-Motor flying over Christophe's Citadel. Similar to covers seen to U.S. destinations often have censor seals from the destination as well. It is possible that such a seal was the source of the adhesive residue staining the right side of the cover.

Rear View of Censored Cover
Back of cover showing censor handstamp in violet ink.


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