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Holiday Greetings Seals 1941-1950

Holiday Greetings Seals 1941 to 1949-1950
Holiday Greetings Seals 1941 to 1949-1950

The son of Methodist medical missionaries and himself a medical doctor, Sherwood Hall came to India after being expelled by the Japanese from Korea in 1940 on charges of espionage. In 1932 he had introduced a Christmas seal program in Korea to raise funds to support tuberculosis work. Shortly after his arrival in India he introduced a similar program sponsored by the "Christmas Seal Committee, Madar, Rajputana, India." The purchase of a $10 "Blue Health Bond" entitled the contributor to 10 sheets of the Holiday Greetings seals. Similar issues (some with multiple printings) were produced annually from 1941 until 1950 when the Tuberculosis Association of India was authorized by the Government of India to conduct the annual campaigns.


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