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Air Post Semi-Postal Issues

Air Post Semi-Postal Issues
Native Children's Welfare Fund and Colonial Education Fund Semi-Postal Issues

On June 22, 1942 the Vichy administration in France issued air post semi-postal stamps for twenty-four territories on the pretext of raising money for "native children's welfare" and "colonial education." The stamps were sold in France but not in the territories for which they were issued. The native children's welfare fund stamps were issued in sets of two or three stamps with designs specific to each region. Wallis and Futuna Islands shared the design of New Caledonia and the stamps of Kwangchowan (pictured above) shared the design of Indochina. The designs of the stamps for Indochina (and Kwangchowan) included "a large family," "orphans" and "caring for children." The colonial education fund stamps had a common design type.

Kwangchowan, with its capital at Fort-Bayard, now known as Zhanjiang, was a Chinese territory leased to France from 1898 to 1945. It was administered as part of French Indochina and overprinted stamps of Indochina were used. Japan occupied the territory in February 1943 and France returned it to China without ever regaining control.

A 1909 map of Kwangchowan, a colony leased by France in southern China.


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