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Le Banga

Le Banga
Le Banga

As a French colony, Mayotte had its first stamps issued, the "Navigation and Commerce" design, in November 1892. In 1914 it ceased issuing stamps when it became a dependency of Madagascar. Along with the other Comoro Islands it became an overseas department of France using their own stamps. When the Comoros declared independence in 1975 and after the intervention of French troops from Reunion, a referendum was held and Mayotte voted to become an integral part of France. Stamps of Comoros were replaced with stamps from Reunion. In 1997 the issuance of stamps specifically for Mayotte resumed.

The Fr 3,80 "Le Banga" commemorative was one of stamps issued in that first year. Traditionally "Le Banga" is a colourful wood, earth and coconut thatch house built as a rite of passage by an adolescent male. In modern times the term has been used to refer to shanties built in the expanding slums on Mayotte.

Navigation and Commerce Definitive
The first stamps for Mayotte were of France's "Navigation and Commerce" Design


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