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Forgery of 1872 Hidalgo Issue

Forgery of 1872 Hidalgo Issue  Back of Forgery of 1982 Hidalgo Issue
Front and back views of a Forgery of Mexico's
1872 high value "Hidalgo" definitive.

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (May 8, 1753 July 30, 1811) was a Roman Catholic priest, college professor and a leader of the Mexican war of independence. Although he was executed a decade before Mexico achieved independence, he is widely recognized as the father of the nation. He is featured on eight of Mexico's first dozen stamp issues the exceptions being the 1864-1866 issue depicting the coat of arms, an 1866 Emperor Maximilian issue, the 1887-1882 Benito Juarez issue and the 1882-1883 numeral issue.

The stamp described here is a widely distributed forgery of the high value of the 1872 profile of Hidalgo definitive issue. It is distinguished from the genuine issue, reprints and Geneva forgeries by the uniformly thick outer frame line and by the thick and clearly visible moire pattern on the back of the stamp.


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