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Souvenir Sheet for the 70th Anniversary of
the First Mongolian Postage Stamp

Souvenir Sheet

Souvenir sheet depicting the first Mongolian postage stamp

Although Mongolia was nominally under Chinese control until it became independent in 1921, it was not the Chinese who initiated postal services. Russian consular postal services were established in Urga in 1863. In 1870 the Russian postal service took over a system operated by Russian traders on the "Tea Road" across the Gobi Desert. In 1898 a frontier post office was established Kyakhta for government mail. From 1909-1912 and from 1919-1921 there was a Chinese post office in Urga. It was not until August of 1924 that Mongolia issued its first stamps for use in a postal system based on the inherited Russian system. By the 1930's, postage stamps became an important source of hard currency for Mongolia.

This souvenir sheet was issued on November 23, 1994 for PHILAKOREA '94 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first Mongolian postage stamps.


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