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Round Kiwi Definitive of 1988

Round Kiwi Definitive

cover of stamp booklet
cover of the booklet of six one dollar stamps

Issued on October 19, 1988, the round green Kiwi definitive was originally issued in booklets. It was subsequently reissued as part of a souvenir sheet. As the note in the booklet indicates, the intaglio printing process was used.

text in booklet cover

text inside the booklet

Intaglio printing is a process "where the ink is held in and transferred to the paper from the incised and and recessed areas of the printing base. The printing base consists, usually, of repetitions of the design represented by numerous grooves or cells; ink is applied to the whole of the printing base, which is then wiped, leaving the surface (the non-printing areas) clean, and the grooves or cells (the printing areas) charged with ink; paper is applied to the whole area of the printing base, and the ink in the grooves or cells is transferred to the paper by means of pressure applied through the back of the paper to the whole area of the printing base." - L.N. Williams, Fundamentals of Philately, 118-119.



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