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Private Issue Sponsored by Resene Paints
to Promote Auckland Cow Parade

Cow Parade Promotion Stamp

New Zealand Post's monopoly on letter delivery was eliminated by the Postal Services Act of 1998 and the market was opened to competition. Amongst the private carriers to issue stamps in the following years was New Zealand Mail Limited (formerly Posties Choice New Zealand Limited). They issued stamps giving their web page as or An search for both sites indicates only minimal text such as "Please buy stamps from us... Even though we are very very dodgy." and "Welcome to the future home of Black Sheep Stamps" at the first URL. The second URL provides a more substantial indication of the promotional value of customized stamps in the graphic presented on this page. The "Cowments" stamp pictured on this page is one in a series of 10 issued in April 2003 advertising Resene Paints and promoting the Auckland Cow Parade.

Web Ad for Private Promotional Stamps
Web advertisement for Stamps at Work.


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