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Northern Rhodesia
First Issue of Northern Rhodesia

First Northern Rhodesian Issue
Examples of low and high value designs of the first Northern Rhodesian stamps.

The first stamps for Northern Rhodesia were issued on April 1, 1925. The following month, in Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal, Stanley Phillips offered a mixed review of the issue: "The new stamps for Northern Rhodesia (which was at one time threatened with an issue in the standard "Colonial" type) strike an attractive and novel note. The design is neat and effective, particularly in the type adopted for the low values. The higher values, though similar in general detail, produce a curious effect on the observer, when looked at in series, as the balance between the portrait and pictorial portions of the design varies according to the colour combinations used, now one portion and now the other predominating. The colours themselves are good individually, though their combinations are not always satisfactory, apart from the defect already noted, and the clash of the red and purple in the 2s. stamp is frankly horrid." Prior to the release of the new stamps, stamps of Rhodesia, the British South Africa Company and, in some remote areas, those of British Central Africa were used. The stamps of Northern Rhodesia were replaced by those of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland from 1954-1963. The last issue for Northern Rhodesia was used from December 10, 1963 until October 23, 1964. It was replaced with the stamps of Zambia.

Northern Rhodesian Stamp Designs

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