Philatelic Fiction

Novels and short stories listed in this bibliography have stamps or stamp collecting as an important element in their plots.

Innis, Hammond. Solomon's Seal. London: Collins, 1980.

In this novel, Roy Slingsby's pursuit of the origins of a strange stamp bearing a Newfoundland seal design lead him from a mystery surrounding a nineteenth century theft from Perkins Bacon printers to a twentieth century uprising in Papua New Guinea.

Maitland, Barry. The Chalon Heads. London: Orion, 1999.

"Chalon Heads," stamps bearing the portrait of a young Queen Victoria, are at the centre of this Brock and Kolla detective mystery when they appear on ransom notes.

Pentecost, Hugh. Cancelled in Red. New York: Popular Library, 1939.

This "Luke Bradley mystery" was a winner of the Red Badge Mystery Competition. A wealthy, but unscrupulous, stamp dealer is murdered and, as the plot unfolds, a counterfeiting scheme and a fortune in missing stamps are uncovered.

Sela, Owen. The Bearer Plot. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1972.

A mercenary turned London antique dealer agrees to act as the intermediary in the sale of two rare stamps to a Spanish nobleman. Instead of earning easy money the antique dealer finds himself putting his life on the line after the stamps are stolen before the deal has been completed. (Published in French, translated by Michel Levine, as Une collection de timbrés.)



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