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Pitcairn Island

Additional Definitive Values of 1981

Additional Definitive Values

This first day cover postmarked Adamstown, Pitcairn Island, shows additional definitive values issued on October 1, 1981 to add to a set of eleven stamps issued on September 12, 1977. Other than the high values depicting Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, the definitives depict scenes of life on Pitcairn Island. The importance of postage stamp sales to collectors to the island economy is evident from the fact that the 70 cent value depicts the burning of obsolete postage stamp issues.

The long boat depicted on the cover's cachet is important because Pitcairn Island lacks port facilities and a landing strip for aircraft. The long boats are used for the transhipment of people and supplies from large vessels that cannot dock on the island. The two cent value in this set depicts the building of longboats, the five cent value shows the landing of cargo and the six cent value shows the sorting of cargo.

1977-1981 Definitives

Scenes of life on Pitcairn Island and Prince Philip and
Queen Elizabeth II are depicted on 1977-1981 Definitives.


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