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Ile Rouad
Horizontal Overprints on Definitives
for French Post Offices in the Levant

Ile Rouad Overprints
Low values in a set of thirteen stamps overprinted
for use on the Island of Rouad.

Arwad Island (Ile Rouad) is the only populated island on the coast of Syria off Latakia. In September 1915 the French Cruiser Jeanne d'Arc took the island for use as a staging point for Maronite Christians resisting Turkish rule in Lebanon. On January 12, 1916 the first set of stamps for French Post Offices in Levant overprinted with a vertical "Ile Rouad" overprint were issued. In December 1915 a second set with horizontal overprints were issued. In 1919 the island passed to the control of the French Enemy Occupied Territory administration and in 1920 it became part of the French Mandate province of Alaouites.

Ile Rouad is located south of Latakia near the port of Tartus on the coast of Syria.


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