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Russian Definitive Overprinted "Telaphila '93"

A wide variety of "local overprints" appeared in the inflation plagued years following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Amongst these were "Telaphila '93 commemorative overprints on stamps also overprinted with the name of the city of Birobidzhan which is located in far eastern Russia. It is the administrative centre for the Jewish Autonomous Oblast which had been established as a homeland for Jews in the Soviet Union in the late 1920's. Sheets of 100 stamps were surcharged and overprinted with five different overprints with there being five copies of each overprint in a sheet. These issues are probably cinderellas intended for the philatelic market. A similar issue for the city of Vladivostok is pictured below:


Vladivostok Submarine Overprint
Vladivostok submarine overprint with surcharge


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