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Downfall of Fascism Overprints

Pictorial Definitives
Stamps overprinted to commemorate the downfall of Fascism
And the establishment of a provisional government.

A set of stamps commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of Mussolini’s Fascist government in Italy in 1923 was prepared to be issued by San Marino which, although an independent constitutional democracy, was dependent on Italy. When Italy declared war on Great Britain in 1940, San Marino followed suit. When Italy surrendered, San Marino declared its neutrality and, subsequently, declared war on Germany.

The downfall of the Fascist government and Italy’s surrender resulted in these stamps being overprinted to mark the collapse of the Fascist government (a set of twenty-one stamps) and the establishment of a provisional government (a set of seventeen stamps). The overprinted stamps, both regular and air post, were issued on August 27, 1943.



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