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Commemorative Cancellation for Singapore's Bicentennial

Commemorative Cancellation for Singapore's Bicentennial
Commemorative Cancellation for Singapore's Bicentennial depicting
Sir Stamford Raffles and Major General William Farquhar

Cover with Cancellation for Singapore's Bicentennial
Cover franked to pay the international letter rate to Canada
with a commemorative depicting the Yusof Ishak Institute marking
the 50th Anniversary of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

In 2019 Singapore is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its establishment as a trading post of the British East India Company by Sir Stamford Raffles. In the early years the settlement was administered by Sir William Farquar, its first British Resident. In 1826, Singapore became part of British India's Straits Settlements and in 1836 it became the regional capital in 1836. When the British East India collapsed in 1858, the islands became a crown colony. From 1837 postal services were provided in the Straits Settlements as an extension of the Indian post office and Indian stamps were used starting in 1854. On April 1, 1867, the first Straits Settlements stamps were issued. Singapore's first stamps were issued on September 1, 1948. Singapore stamps were used concurrently with those of the Federations of Malaya and Malaysia from 1958 until 1965. The exclusive use of Singapore stamps was resumed after August 9, 1965 when Singapore became an independent republic.


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