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"TAXE PERQUE" Handstamp on International Letter

TAXE PERQUE Handstamp on International Letter
TAXE PERQUE Handstamp for 9 Koruna on International Letter from Kosice, Slovakia to Ottawa, Canada

Although postage stamps, meter marks and printed permits are probably the most common indications of postage paid, another means of franking a piece of mail that is authorized by the Universal Postal Union is a taxe perç ue (postage paid) marking. Commonly the "c" with the cedilla at the bottom is replaced with a "q" or a "g", possibly because the "ç " character is not available in the font being used. The taxe perç ue is sometimes used when there is a shortage of stamps as may have been the case in Kosice, Slovakia shortly before Christmas 1994 when this cover was posted to Canada. There may only have been a shortage of the 9 koruna denomination needed for this letter. Since Slovakia resumed issuing its own stamps in 1993, the 9 koruna denomination was featured on the art from Bratislava National Gallery issue (December 31, 1993) and the Antoine de Saint-Exupery issue (May 25, 1994).

TAXE PERQUE Handstamp on International Letter
U.P.U. Convention Article 8 RL 114 SEC 2.2 Outlining Use of "TAXE PERQUE" Handstamp


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