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South Africa
Flaws in the Definitive Issue of 1963 - 1967

Pom Pom Flaw on 1 Cent
"Pom Pom" Flaw on 1 Cent Kafferboom Flower Definitive

Moon Flaw on 2 Cent
Moon Flaw on 2 Cent Pouring Gold Definitive

Period and Comet Flaws on 5 Cent
"Period" and "Comet" Flaws on 5 Cent Baobab Tree Definitive

Falling Leaves Flaw on 10 Cent Definitive
"Falling Leaves" Flaw on 10 Cent Definitive

L.N. Williams defines a flaw as "any blemish in the stamp's design
resulting from or occasioned by the process of printing (162).


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Silver Wedding Edition
. London: Stanley Gibbons Ltd., 1973.

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