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South Australia
Departmental Officials

Police Official
The "P." Overprint indicates a stamp for official police use.

From 1868 until 1874 South Australian stamps were overprinted with initials
indicating that they were the for specific use of the departments listed below.
From 1874 until 1903, stamps overprinted "OS" were adopted for official use.
A. (Architect)
A. G. (Attorney General)
A. 0. (Audit Office)
B. D. (Barracks Department)
B. G. (Botanical Gardens)
B. M. (Bench of Magistrates)
C. (Customs)
C. D. (Convict Department)
C. L. (Crown Lands)
C. 0. (Commissariat Officer)
C. S. (Chief Secretary)
C. Sgn. (Colonial Surgeon)
C. P. (Commissioner of Police)
C. T. (Commissioner of Titles)
D. B. (Destitute Board)
D. R. (Deed Registry)
E. (Engineer)
E. B. (Education Board)
G. P. (Government Printer)
G. S. (Government Storekeeper)
G. T. (Goolwa Tramway)
G. F. (Gold Fields)
H. (Hospital)
H. A. (House of Assembly)
I. A. (Immigration Agent)
I. E. (Intestate Estates)
I.S. (Inspector of Sheep)
L. A. (Lunatic Asylum)
L.C. (Legislative Council)
L. L. (Legislative Library)
L. T. (Land Titles)
M. (Military)
M. B. (Marine Board)
M. R. (Manager of Railways)
M. R. G. (Main Roads Gambierton)
N. T. (Northern Territory)
0. A. (Official Assignee)
P. (Police)
P. A. (Protector of Aborigines)
P.S. (Private Secretary)
P. W. (Public Works)
R. B. (Road Board)
R. G. (Registrar General of Births, etc.)
S. (Sheriff)
S. C. (Supreme Court)
S.G. (Surveyor General)
S. M. (Stipendiary Magistrate)
S. T. (Superintendent of Telegraph)
T. (Treasurer)
T. R. (Titles Registry)
V. (Volunteers)
V. A. (Valuator)
V. N. (Vaccination)
W. (Waterworks)

OS Overprint
The ''OS'' overprint replaced departmental
initials on official stamps in 1874.


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