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Southern Yemen

Aden Harbour on 1968
Independence Day Issue

Aden Harbour on 1968 Independence Day Issue
Aden Harbour on one of four stamps
in the 1968 Independence Day Issue

The People's Republic of Southern Yemen was declared on November 30, 1967 when the Federation of South Arabia gained independence. A set of four stamps celebrating independence day was issued on May 25, 1968. The stamps depicted the globe and the flag on the 10 fil denomination, a revolutionary fighter with a broken chain and flames on the 15 fil denomination, Aden Harbour on the 50 fil denomination pictured above and cotton picking on the 100 fil denomination.

The name of the country was changed to the People's Democratic of Yemen on November 30, 1970. A merger with Yemen was scheduled for completion by November 1992. The last stamps listed by Scott's catalogue for the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen was a World Cup Football set issued on April 30, 1990. Government ministries were merged but a civil war delayed completion of the merger.


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