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Umm al Qiwain

Pictorial Definitives of 1964

Pictorial Definitives
Pictorial Definitive Designs.

The stamps reproduced above depict Sheik Ahmed bin Rashid al Mulla with gazelles, a snake, a hyena, a conspicuous triggerfish, an unidentified fish, a silver angelfish, the palace, Umm al Qiwain and a tower.

Founded in 1775 by Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, Umm al Qiwain became a British protectorate in 1829 to exclude the Ottoman Empire. Now part of the United Arab Emirates, Umm al Qiwain began issuing its own stamps on June 29, 1964. It is the least populous of emirates and few of its stamps saw postal use. Many speculative issues intended for the philatelic market were issued before the stamps of the United Arab Emirates were adopted on August 1, 1972.


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