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United States
U.S.S. Akron Airmail Label by A.C. Roessler

USS Akron Airmail Label
One of six airmail labels printed by A.C. Roessler
in perforated and imperforate formats.

Bonnie and Roger Riga introduce A.C. Roessler with the following statement:" A. C. Roessler . . . has a lot to answer for to the philatelic world. He put items on the market with doubtful and deceptive provenance. Issues of many sorts and "from" many places came from the fertile and slightly dishonest mind of Mr. Roessler of East Orange, New Jersey." In more positive terms, he has been described elsewhere as a "pioneer servicer and cachetmaker". In 1932 wrote, edited, published, and marketed the A. C. Roessler Historical Souvenir AirMail Catalog containing many listings for Air, Ship, and Zeppelin covers, from the 1919 Trans-Atlantic cover to the 1932 Amelia Earhart record cover.

The U.S.S. Akron designated ZRS-4 was a rigid helium airship belonging to the United States navy that was launched on August 8, 1931. Following testing, the Akron left Lakehurst, N.J. on May 8, 1932 on a successful transcontinental flight. After its return to the east coast, the Akron crashed on April 4, 1933 killing 73 passengers.


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