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Ship Cancellation
K.N.S.M. S.S. Stuyvesant

S.S. Stuyvesant Ship Cancellation on Venezuelan issue of 1932

Ship cancellation from the S.S. Stuyvesant
on Venezuelan Definitives of 1932 - 1938.

S.S. Stuyvesant Ship Cancellation on Venezuelan issue of 1932

In 1897 the Universal Postal Union adopted the term "Paquebot" for ship letters cancelled on board ship. The Venezuelan stamps pictured above were from the Simon Bolivar definitive issue of 1932 on bluish Winchester security paper. They were cancelled on the S.S. Stuyvesant of the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij (Royal Netherlands Steamship Society).

S.S. Stuyvesant
The S.S. Stuyvesant based on an image from a company post card.


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