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Wallis and Futuna Islands
Pictorial Air Post Issue of 1960

Pictorial Air Post Issue of 1960
Pictorial Air Post Issue of 1960

Wallis and Futuna Islands are a French Overseas Territory located in the south Pacific northeast of Fiji. A set of two pictorial air mail commemoratives issued on September 19, 1960 depict a number of historical subjects. The 21 franc denomination depicts the waterfront of the capital city, Mata-Utu, with its royal palace and cathedral as well as portraits of Queen Amelia and Monsignor Bataillon. Amelia Tokagahahau Aliki (1845-1895) was a queen of Uvea from 1869 until 1895. In 1887, under severe pressure from the colonial powers, she signed a treaty making the kingdom a French protectorate in exchange for internal autonomy. After converting to Catholicism she had the royal palace and the cathedral erected in the capital. The second portrait on the stamp is Monsignor Pierre Battalion who was named Vicar Apostolic of Central Oceania in 1843. He influenced Queen Amelia and encouraged the integration of Christian precepts into the reformed legal code of 1870. He died in 1877. The 33 franc denomination depicts a map of the islands and a sailing ship.


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