A statue of the father of the unified Vietnamese nation, Ho Chi Minh, holding a child stands in the park in the boulevard in front of City Hall in Ho Chi MinhCity. The building was completed by the French administration in 1908. Despite the change of the city's name by the Communist government in 1975, the city continues to be identified by many people by its pre-unification name, Saigon.

The normal hustle and bustle is absent from Cho Binh Tay, the modern market building, in the Chinese quarter (Cholon) on the May Day holiday following the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of liberation in 1975.

Prayers are offered in burning incense coils in the Chua Pho Mieu, Temple of the Goddess Protector of Sailors. It was built by Cantonese Buddhists to offer thanks for surviving a dangerous C19th sea journey.

 Colourful hurses line a street in the Chinese quarter of Ho Chi Minh city where cyclos, motorcycles and bicycles constitute the majority of the traffic.



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