Central Plaza in Havana, Cuba

Havana Cathedral, erected by the Jesuits in 1704, is one of many excellent
examples of C18th Spanish Colonial architecture in Havana. In April of
1983 the cathedral in Havana's central plaza was undergoing renovations.

Beside the cathedral is the post office which was established
in 1734. The philatelic outlet is housed in this building.

El Patio restaurant, opposite the post office, is housed in a colonial
building that was restored in 1963. The plaza gives the visitor the
feeling of having been transported back through the centuries.

Across from the cathedral, the Bayona Palace housed
the offices of Havana Club Rum in pre-revolutionary days.

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The background design is from a photograph of the mail slot in the colonial
era building which housed the philatelic sales centre in the central plaza.

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