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Antarctica 1954 Expedition Cinderellas

Antarctica 1954 Expedition Cinderellas

In the summer of 1953-1954 the Australian Government chartered the Danish ship Kista Dan to establish its first permanent settlement on the continent at a natural harbour at 67 deg. 36 min. South, 62 deg. 52 min. East. Phillip Law, the director of the Antarctic Division of Australia's Department of External Affairs and leader of the expedition made the following declaration as the unloading of supplies and construction of huts proceded:

In the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, I raise the Australian flag on Australian Antarctic Territory and I name the site of this new ANARE station "Mawson" in honour of the great Australian Antarctic explorer and scientist, Sir Douglas Mawson."

The labels pictured above were intended "for attachment to mail carried on the 1954 Australian Expedition to Antarctica." A souvenir sheet featuring the same four designs in black and white also exists. Australian stamps were used on mail from the station until 1957 when the Australian Post Office began issuing stamps for the Australian Antarctic Territory (which were also valid for use in Australia).

First Australian Antarctic Territory issue of 1957
First Australian Antarctic Territory issue of 1957.


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