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Australian Antarctic Territory
Penguins from the Australian Antarctic Territory

1957 Definitive on First Day Cover

Although the first stamp issued for the Australian Antarctic Territory did not feature penguins, both the cachet and the first day cancellation for Macquarie Island (home of the royal penguin) depict the bird. The high value definitive issued on December 16, 1959 featured emperor penguins.

1959 High Value Definitive

Banding Penguins Variety

The 2 cent denomination of the Australian Antarctic Territory issued on September 28, 1966 depicted banding penguins. The stamp in the upper right corner of this block is a variety with a blue speck on the penguin's webbed foot.

Royal Penguin

The royal penguin is depicted in the 1983 regional wildlife set.

Macaroni and Royal Penguins

The closely related macaroni (left) and royal (right) penguins both share a colourful crest
on their heads but the white face distinguishes the royal penguin from its cousin.

Several different kinds of penguins including emperor penguins (1959,1992 and 2000), Adelie penguins (1973 and 2000), royal penguins (1983 and 2007), king penguins (1993) and unspecified species (1966 and 2001) .


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