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First Aruba Definitive

First Aruba Definitive
Low value of the first Aruba definitive issue depicting a traditional house.

The first post office opened in Oranjestad, Aruba in 1888. Stamps inscribed "Curacao" were used for all of the islands in the Dutch West Indies until 1948 when the use of the inscription "Nederlandse Antillen" (Netherlands Antilles) came into use.

On January 1, 1986 Aruba achieved separate status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and issued its first postage stamps.

Curacao issue
The stamps of Curacao were used in all of the Dutch West Indian islands until 1948. The
King William III Tower in Oranjestad is visible in the background of this Curacao definitive.

William III Tower
King William III Tower and letter box in Oranjestad

Netherlands Antilles Issue
In 1948 stamps inscribed "Nederlandse
Antillen" replaced those of Curacao.


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