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First Definitive Issue

First Definitive Issue  First Definitive Issue
Two values from the set of eleven George V Leeward
Islands definitives overprinted "BARBUDA" in 1922.

In 1903 it was ordered that Barbuda be administered by the government of Antigua as a Crown Estate and a cotton plantation was established and horses and cattle were brought in. On March 24, 1922 the Legislative Council of the Leeward Islands authorized overprinted stamps to be issued on June 1 but the stamps were not actually issued until July 12 (or July 13 according to Scott). The last of these overprinted stamps were sold in 1925 and subsequently regular stamps of the Leeward Islands and Antigua were used. On November 19, 1968 a new set of definitive stamps for Barbuda was issued featuring a map of the island. Starting in 1973 new issues for Antigua were often (although not exclusively) overprinted stamps of Antigua. After the independence issue of 1981, most stamps of Antigua were inscribed "Antigua and Barbuda" although Barbuda continued to have its own stamps until the overprinted Antiguan Gandhi issue of October 2000.

Map of Barbuda
Map of Barbuda

1968 Map Definitive
1968 Map Definitive Issue


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