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First Flight Cover for Santiago - Easter Island Route

CFirst Flight Cover for Santiago - Easter Island Route
Cover franked with 2 centavo airmail definitive of 1962, the 5 centavo
airmail definitive of 1964 and the 6 centavo regular definitive of 1965.

L.A.N. initiated a scheduled air service between Santiago and Easter Island on April 8, 1967. The post mark on this First Flight Cover commemorates the event. Easter Island's Moai statues are featured on the 6 centavo definitive, the commemorative cancellation and the cachet of the cover.


Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is famous for its moai, stone statues in a Polynesian style with disproportionately large heads. Carved between 1250 and 1500, the statues are up to 10 metres high and weigh up to 82 metric tonnes.

Moai Statues of Easter Island Issue of 1986
On May 15, 1986 Chile issued stamps depicting Moai statues at Raraku volcano and at the Tongariki ruins.


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