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METEI Seal on Postcard with Easter Island Postmark

METEI Seal on Postcard from Easter Island

METEI Postcard

Stanley C. Skoryna of McGill University directed the organization of the Canadian Medical Expedition to Easter Island (M.E.T.E.I.) to "study the relative role of environment and hereditary factors on an isolated population." The twenty-five person expedition was sponsored by the World Health Organization. Its specific tasks were to conduct multi-disciplinary studies of native populations, to study methods of collection and preservation of biological materials on field conditions, and to assist the population with medical problems. The expedition, which operated between October 1964 and February 1965, was supported by the Canadian naval vessel, H.M.C.S. Cape Scott which delivered the expedition personnel, equipment and twenty-four trailers to Easter Island.

The postcard depicted above, printed in Canada for the expedition, depicts a map of Easter Island with the plan for the placement of the twenty-four trailers used by the expedition. The postcard is franked with a seal for METEI inscribed Rapu Nui (the Polynesian name for Easter Island) and the 5 centesimo value stamp celebrating the 150th anniversary of Chile's first national government. The stamp was issued in 1961 and the postcard is postmarked February 11, 1965.


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