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Comoro Islands
FIDES Common Design Type

FIDES Commemorative
The FIDES Common Design Type Commemorative issue from Comoro Islands depicts a village water pump.

In 1956, Comoro Islands was one of eight French colonies to recognize the work of FIDES, the Fonds d' investissement pour le developpement economique et social (Investment Fund for Social and Economic Development), by issuing one or more stamps depicting development projects. The single stamp issued by Comoro Islands depicting "Village Equipment" shows a water pump.

Located in the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and Mozambique, the Comoro Islands consisted of the islands of Mayotte, Anjouan, Grand Comoro and Moheli. As French colonies or protectorates they issued their own stamps from 1887-1914. From then until 1946 the islands were administered from Madagascar. They then became a separate French territory with their first stamps issued in 1950. When the other islands became the independent State of Comoro in July of 1975, the island of Mayotte continued its association with France.


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