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Falkland Islands

Varieties of the Falkland Island Thrush Definitive

Falkland Island Thrush Definitive
Regular stamp with sideways block CA watermark as issued on October 25, 1966.

In 1960 the second set of Queen Elizabeth II definitives for Falkland Islands were issued featuring birds. The designs depicted the Falkland Islands thrush, the Dominican gull, gentoo penguins, the Falkland Islands marsh starling, upland geese, steamer ducks, rock-hopper penguins, the black-browed albatross, the silver grebe, pied oystercatchers, the yellow-billed teal, kelp geese, king cormoronts, the carancho and the black-necked swan. This first set featured an upright block CA watermark. The low value was reissued in 1966 with a sideways block CA watermark.

Extended Crossbar in H Variety
One variety of this stamp features a crossbar extending to the left of the "H" in "THRUSH".

Weak Entry in Shading Variety
A second variety lacks shading beneath "FA" in "FALKLAND ISLANDS".

Both varieties are also found in the first issue of 1960.

gentoo and rock-hopper penguins
Gentoo and rock-hopper penguins are featured on the 2d and 5 1/2d values.


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