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Far Eastern Republic

Blagoveshchensk Issue of 1921
with Remainder Cancellation

Remaindered 1921 Definitive

Remainders of the Blagoveshchensk definitive issues of the Far Eastern Republic were cancelled with coloured crayon or typographed bars. One of these definitives is pictured above. Samuel Grossman defines remainders as " the unsold stock of stamps of a government issue after that particular issue has been succeeded by a new issue. These are often sold mint below face value or may be deliberately obliterated with either regular cancellation, bars, lines, etc. so that they cannot be used for postal duty" (172).

The stamp pictured here was issued in Blagoveshchensk which was the seat of a Communist administration established in Amur Province in February 1920. This was superceded when the Soviet authorities and the Japanese established the Far Eastern Republic as a buffer state between them on April 6, 1920. After the Japanese evacuation of Vladivostok the Far Eastern Republic was annexed by the Soviet Union on November 19, 1922 (Rossiter 108). Until gold based currency was introduced throughout the Soviet Union, eastern Siberia continued to require specially surcharged stamps.
Soviet Stamps surcharged for use in Eastern Siberia
Soviet Stamp surcharged for use in Eastern Siberia.


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