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Foochow (Fuzhou)

Foochow Local Post

1895 issue
1895 local post issues depict the Foochow boat with Fukien harbour in the background.

1896 issue
Two low value definitives were reissued in new colours in 1896.

Foochow was one of five ports (along with Canton, Amoy, Ningpo, and Shanghai) open to international trade after the "Opium War" of 1842. In his account of Forty Years in China published at the time these stamps were issued, the Reverend R.H. Graves listed it as a major population centre ranking after Canton, Peiking and Shanghai.

In 1895 a set of nine local postage stamps were issued in half cent (blue), one cent (green), two cent, five cent, six cent, ten cent, fifteen cent, twenty cent and forty cent denominations. In 1896 the half cent (yellow) and one cent (brown) denominations were reissued in new colours.

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Foochow, is located on China's east coast opposite Taiwan.


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